Supporting Documents & Information

There are several documents that support the LTP Consultation Document and the Long Term Plan. These documents contain more detailed information.

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Draft Timaru District Council Infrastructure Strategy.pdf

This Strategy covers Council's 30 Year approach to Roading and Footpaths, Waste Minimisation, Sewer, Stormwater and Water Supply infrastructure.

Updated 09 Apr 2021

Draft Financial Strategy 2021-31.pdf

Council's Financial Strategy sets out our proposals for funding and expenditure over the next 10 years and how these proposals effect services, rates, debt and investments.

Updated 09 Apr 2021

Draft Financial Information 2021-2031.pdf

Includes the draft prospective financial statements including Funding Impact Statements and Accounting Policies

Updated 09 Apr 2021

Significant Forecasting Assumptions 2021-31.pdf

Our Long Term Plan has been developed on the basis of these key assumptions.

Updated 11 Apr 2021

Draft Revenue and Financing Policy Long Term Plan 2021-31.pdf

This policy sets out how Council's operating and capital expenditure will be funded, and the sources of those funds

Updated 09 Apr 2021

Group of Activities Statements - Long Term Plan 2021-31.pdf

These statements detail what we do, why we do it, how we pay for it, our priorities and key projects, for each of our Groups of Activities.

Updated 09 Apr 2021

Strategic Direction 2021-31.pdf

Council's Strategic Direction sets out high level values and the Community Wellbeing Outcomes Council is seeking to deliver.

Updated 09 Apr 2021

Draft Business Improvement District Policy.pdf

This proposed policy will set out the process for any prospective applicants and Council to establish a Business Improvement District.

Updated 09 Apr 2021

Significance and Engagement Policy.pdf

This policy sets out how Council determines the degree of significance or any issue, and as a result, how Council will engage with the community regarding this issue.

Updated 09 Apr 2021

Treasury Management Policy.pdf

This policy sets out how Council will undertake both liability and investment management and defines key responsibilities and operating parameters for the treasury activity

Updated 09 Apr 2021

Fees and Charges 2021-22.pdf

This document includes the fees and charges proposed across all Council's activities for 2021/22

Updated 09 Apr 2021

Rates Remission and Postponement Policy.pdf

This policy details the objectives and conditions for all rates remissions and postponements Council provides

Updated 09 Apr 2021

Rates Discount Policy.pdf

This policy provides a discount on rates where they are paid in full at the first installment. Council is proposing to repeal this policy.

Updated 09 Apr 2021