Other key Council decisions

We listened to feedback from our community on how we can thrive together as a district

In addition to the projects and funding set out in the Consultation Document and Supporting Information, Council approved the following projects in response to matters raised by submitters during the consultation process and at the Long Term Plan Hearing 31 May-2 June 2021.

Strategy and Policy

Alignment with Council’s Strategic Direction

A review of Council’s Strategy and Policy platform to align with Council’s strategic direction.

Strategic Planning for Geraldine, Pleasant Point and Temuka Community Board areas and a refresh of the town centres

Council agreed to provide $100,000 in Year One - 2021/22 of the Long Term Plan to develop a forward looking strategic plan for each of the Board areas. An additional sum of $200,000 for each town has been provided in Year 3 - 2023/24 towards a town centre refresh.

A change in the way footpaths are funded

Council decided that the cost for all footpaths will be spread across the whole district, rather than by using a targeted community rate. Our Revenue and Financing policy has been amended accordingly.

Removing the Rates Discount Policy

Recognising that not all ratepayers are in a position to pay their rates in full, Council decided it was more equitable to repeal this policy.

Business Improvement District (BID) Policy

Council decided to adopt a BID policy. Having this policy in place provides a framework for groups within a certain business area to apply to create a Business Improvement District. This would be funded via a targeted rate from commercial ratepayers within the relevant BID area to carry out an agreed programme of work.

A review of Council’s Rating System

Council decided to undertake a comprehensive review of the rating system commencing in Year One - 2021/22, with funding of $100,000.

Accessibility Framework

A review of the accessibility of Council owned facilities and development of an Accessibility Framework to guide the delivery of new and existing services.

Community Funding Framework

A review of Council’s Community Funding Framework, including a review of the current Donations and Loans policy.

District Play Strategy

Development of a district wide Play Strategy in Year Four - 2024/25 at an estimated cost of $45,000.

District Golf Strategy

Development of a golf strategy in Year One - 2021/22 at an estimated cost of $15,000.

Public Art Policy

A review of the current policy within the first three years of the Long Term Plan.

Walkways and Cycleways

A review of the current Off-road Walking and Cycling Strategy and the Active Transport Strategy, to achieve a single strategy for the development of both on-road and off-road walking and cycling opportunities in the district.

Community and Recreational Facilities


A total $1 million Council contribution to the CPlay project, in Year One - 2021/22.

Temuka Aviary

$350,000 to upgrade the Temuka Aviary commencing in Year One - 2021/22 rather than in Year Three – 2023/24.

Timaru Botanic Gardens

$60,000 in Year Three – 2023/24 for developing a landscape plan for Timaru Botanic Gardens.

Replacement Track Cycling Facility

$20,000 in Year One - 2021/22 to assist Cycling South Canterbury investigate a replacement track cycling facility.

Geraldine Nature and Sculpture Trail

$50,000 in Year One - 2021/22 to assist with developing the Geraldine Nature and Sculpture Trail and $15,000 per annum provided for maintenance commencing in Year Two - 2022/23.

Walking and Cycling Trails

Establishment of an annual contestable fund of $100,000 to be available to groups to fund and develop walking and cycling trails from Year One - 2021/22.

Saltwater Creek Weir

$25,000 in Year One - 2021/22 to support work with the Timaru Rowing Club to explore options for remedial work at Saltwater Creek.

Event Funding- Venture Timaru

Allocation of a further $180,000 per annum for event funding from Year One 2021/22 (total: $230,000).

Council’s Disaster Recovery Fund

An additional $200,000 per annum to be added to the Disaster Recovery Fund commencing in Year 2 - 2022/23.